Sunday, May 06, 2007


Sorry for the delay folks. I got some much needed out-of-town time this weekend. As you can see, I haven't decided on a course of action as to the future design of the site. Most of the feedback I've received on the Google Earth approach has been positive, yet the list version has its advantages (and fans). I'll probably be doing some more experimentation in the next few weeks, if you guys are up for it. Thanks for all the input and suggestions!

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FIT File for May 6, 2007

Total 53 in Yolo County
Sum of Losses: $2,784,965

Total 168 in Placer County
Sum of Losses: $8,478,519

Total 52 in El Dorado County
Sum of Losses: $1,707,222

Total 965 in Sacramento County
Sum of Losses: $44,120,635